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July 2019

We expect a new interesting litter in September 2019, check “Planned litters” for info!

Bella exteriörRudi


Swedish National Specialty Show 2018 in Herrfallet, judge Charlotte Jacobsson.

BEST IN SHOW :JWW-17 Charleswood William, BOB, BIS-1. BEST IN SHOW VETERAN: SE D CH, VWW-17 Charleswood Merry, she was also Best female in breed! BEST IN SHOW PUPPY: Costa z Czarnego Dworu.

 Riksutst.Costa bis 


Great success in Leipzig, World Dogshow. Junior World Winner 2017: Charleswood William! Veteran World Winner Charleswood Merry! Best Breeders group Kennel Charleswood! Best Male-4 Charleswood Simson, Best Female-3 Charleswood Samantha! 

DSC_6684 WDS-group 


Happy to announce that SE Working/Show Champion Charleswood Skipper is No 1 Shorthair male of the year in Sweden 2016!! Congrats to owner Petter Ekblom!

JCH Charleswood Skipper1

2016 was a fantastic year for us, 12 1st prizes in hunting/fieldtrials for 9 dogs from 3 different combinations!!! 5 new showchampions and 7 winnerclassdogs in trials. Big thank you to all wonderful people and dogs for your great compassion and work!! We look forward to 2017!! Charleswood Skipper, Simson, Sam, Samantha, Raymond, Russel, Rabalder, Rhonda, Tosca, Tarzan. And in Finnish Riistakoira (National master huntingtest) Working/Showchampion Charleswood Oliver was no 3! Winner of the test for 2nd year in a row was Miska, a daughter of Champion Charleswood Hassan! Winner of Swedish Riksprovet (National master huntingtest) was Fjällbrisens Ovela metso, a son of our Balder! we also got to know that Best Huntingdog of the year in Norway..for second year in a row was Huldemyras Lilly deluxe, a daughter of Charleswood Naik! Behind these dogs are our belowed FI Champion Charleswood Hurricane and his son working/showchampion Åslifjellet´s BHH Balder who both passed away this year. We miss them every day and we are truley greatful for what this bloodline has done for us and the breed.

.dsc_3050  dsc_0122

BEST IN SHOW x 3!!!  Great success with 4 of Kora Kajminias offspring. Charleswood Skipper winning GSP specialty show in Kiruna, Charleswood Samantha winning GSP specialty show Piteå and Charleswood Simson winning GSP specialtyshow in Lycksele! And also Charleswood Sam did good in groupshow in Finland ; BOB,cac. We showed our Samantha in Allbreedshow in Tuuri and she was BOB and also Groupwinner!!!

All four are rewarded in trials and Skipper and Simson did great results in Swedish Lapland this spring.

DSC_1622 DSC_6030

Simson DSC_9953

puppies were born 15.01.2016, 5+5  dam: FI Champion Charleswood Nellie  sire: SE Showchampion/Workingchampion FI workingchampion Esspe´s B Joppe

We proudly present 2 new Workingchampions!!! FI MVA FI KVA Charleswood Oliver, huge congrats to Minna&Juha Loukusa and FI KVA-A Charleswood Casanova, well done Paula and congrats to you and Juha!!


Working Breeding Award in GOLD for our 2 males, father and son, SE UCH JV-04 Charleswood Hurricane&SE UCH SE JCH Åslifjellet´s BHH Balder!!

Bruksavelspris i guld/Kultainen Käyttöjalostus palkinto! The award is based on offspring´s great trial/huntingtestsresults and this means we got this goldaward for 3 generations!! Fältmyran´s Accra II-Charleswood Hurricane-Åslifjellet´s BHH Balder. Big THANK YOU to all you owners of a Hurricane&Balder puppy, you made this possible!!


11.4 Vaasa International Dogshow and 21.3 Jämijärven Groupshow:  Charleswood Samantha Best In Breed, CAC!! Thank you judges, Hans Rosenberg (Vaasa) and Pekka Teini (Jämijärvi). We are proud of our junior “Bella”, first shows and BOB&CAC both times! BOS in Vaasa was our friends male Bishkek Vom Lordhof, congrats to Tiina&Antti!


—WE HAVE PUPPIES!!— Born 2014-12-22. 5 boys and 3 girls!

10.8 WORLD DOGSHOW Helsinki, 92 shorthaires, judge Paula Heikkonen-Lehkonen. BOB CACIB and World Winner Kora Kajminia!!

Best female-2, res-Cacib FI CH Charleswood Mathilda, Junior World Winner Charleswood Rhonda, Best Breeders Group: Kennel Charleswood!! All 7 Charleswood dogs got Excellent, thank you for beeing there! Fantastic day for us! Thank you Paula-Heikkonen-Lehkonen for making our day so special!



13.4  Best GSP-male of the year 2013 in Sweden:  Working/Show Champion Charleswood Karu !! Huge congrats to owner Helena Thulin!!




13.4 New FI Champion Charleswood Oliver! Congrats to owners Minna & Juha!



11.3  We have puppies!! 6+3.

Kora & Compis


















Dachshundnews! 23.11 new workingchampion/Drevchampion/ Käyttövalio Charleswood Bonnie. Congrats to Montonen family!!
6.12 1st prize in huntingtest/drevprov to Charleswood Casanova. Congrats to Paula&Juha!!


DSC_0013  DSC_0053


23.11 Happy to announce that our German girl Ice fern aus dem Königswald is rewarded in fieldtrial. 2nd prize, Avo-2, ökl-2.


16.11 BEST IN SHOW-KORA KAJMINIA!! Gsp-specialty show Umeå, Sweden, 38 shorthaires. Thanks to group-7 specialist Britt-Marie Dornell. BOB, CAC, BIS-Kora Kajminia. BOS, CAC-Tjädrarns Compis. Our German girl Ice fern aus dem Königswald-Excellent-4 best female Reserve-CAC

DSC_9982  DSC_0016


9.10 New Workingchampion/Käyttövalio/Jaktchampion today !!! We proudly present: SE JCH SE UCH Charleswood Karu, Congratulations to owner Helena Thulin, tack Helena och Sören!

DSC_0160   1186071_4751045953595_1091187294_n[1]


20/10 New Champion today!

After todays fieldtrial  Charleswood Nellie is FI Showchampion!! Congratulations to Sisko Tapio! Nellie is the 3rd Champion from our N-litter, 6 of them are rewarded in fieldtrials!

DSC_9086    DSC_0022

FI MVA  Charleswood Nellie


Junkkari 2013-Annual fieldtrial for youngdogs, 344 dogs

4 Charleswood dogs-ALL rewarded in the fieldtrial!!! Charleswood Patricia 1st prize, Charleswood Playboy 1st prize, Charleswood Oliver 2nd prize and Charleswood Posh 3rd prize. Patricia and Playboy qualified to finals. Thank you Sisko, Juha and Jaana for doing such a good job with your dogs!!

DSC_9207  DSC_9021

Charleswood Patricia                                                           Charleswood Playboy

DSC_1780  DSC_8926

Charleswood Posh                                                                 Charleswood Oliver


DSC_9000 Sisko Tapio with Boy and Maria&Patricia





Two new Charleswood CHAMPIONS !! Charleswood Lady Godiva and Charleswood Niko. Just rewarded with 1st prizes in filedtrials, AVO-1. And with 3xCac their titles are FI Showchampion. Congratulations to Mikko& Riikka (Godiva) and Nina (Niko)!!

news_godiva091101     1236489_10201029181948776_1106435749_n[1]



Best part of the year-Huntingseason!


DSC_8135 DSC_8180 DSC_7762 DSC_7754

Our new babies; Charleswood Roseanna&Rio





30.06. Fantastic day in Hämeenlinna National Allbreedshow!  Thank you to breedspecialist Wojtec Burski from Poland


Charleswood Patricia BOB, CAC, BOG-1 !! And our dashhundgirl Charleswood Chillie  BOS, CAC !!





We have puppies, 7+3 born 12.06!  Dam: FI Champion Charleswood Nova Sire: FI Champion Ibo Fresena

Nova 2013DSC_6001

2013-05-18  Piteå National Allbreedshow, judge Tanja Ahlman-Stockmari.

Kora Kajminia BOB, CAC, Best of Group-1  !! Balder BOS, CAC and got a new Championtitle, Swedish Champion!!

 2013-05-19 SVK-Bottenviken GSP-Specialtyshow Piteå

Kora Best female-2, CAC! Balder BOB, BIR, Best In Show-2!! Judge Randi Schultze


2013-04-20  Working breedingaward in silver- Bruksavelspris silver-Käyttöjalostuspalkinto hopeainen:

FI MVA SE KVA Åslifjellet´s BHH Balder. BIG Thank you to all owners of a Balderpuppy and breeders who appreciated him and made super results in trials and shows with his offspring.



Working breedingaward in Brons-Bruksavelspris Brons-Käyttöjalostuspalkinto Bronssinen

Nord MVA  EUW-06 Don Korleone´s Babe Magnet. Kiitos Päivi, DK´s kennel for “Mindy”!



2013-04-20 New Champion  FI MVA Charleswood Miranda, Congrats to Ilkka Lindström!!




2013-03-13 Jessica whelped; 2 malepuppies! Sorry for you who don´t get a puppy this time, stay tuned for our next plans.


 Puppies in March! We expect puppies in week 11. Dam: Charleswood Jessica,  Sire: FI MVA Ibo Fresena



New members of Team Charleswood!  Ice fern aus dem Königswald “Daisy”, bred by Beate Dalitz Germany.

Kora Kajminia, bred by Krzysztof Wydmuch, Poland. Daisy& Kora came to us in 2011.

2012 we got Hector du Nid aux Nobles, bred by Manuela Banu, Romania.

We are grateful to have these lovely dogs, all with very interesting bloodlines. Thank you Beate, Krzysztof and Manuela!!



11/11 Jyväskylä International Allbreedshow, Charleswood Patricia excellent-1 junior, BOB, CAC, Bir, Ryp! 17 shorthaires, judge breedspecialist Zlatko Jojkic.



2 new Champions!!  FI MVA FI UCH Charleswood Nova and SE UCH Charleswood Karu, grattis Helena! Karu is now a winnerclass dog in trials.


29/10 Kora Kajminia, our import from Poland was rewarded with 1st prize in fieldtrial, Långtora Sweden. 1a ukl ( 8a i fältbetyg)  Nuo-1.

Dachshundnews! 27/10 Our junior Charleswood Chillie in her first show, Seinäjoki Int Dogshow: Best female-3, CAC, sert

Dachshundnews! 15/9 Charleswood Bonnie; MÄAJ-1, 1a drevprov, 1st prize huntingtest. Congrats to owners Riitta&Arto!

16/6 2012 GSP-National Specialtyshow, Erikoisnäyttely Jyväskylä. Charleswood Pokerface BEST IN SHOW-puppy!! And his sister Patricia best female puppy. Judge Joanna Pronin.



Puppies are here!

In december 2011 we got 3 lovely litters; Takalan Aino/Kappetorp´s Roy 2+4.Charleswood Mathilda/Charleswood Naik 4+4 and Jägarflickan´s Maya 3+2.



3.12 Charleswood Niko, 1st prize fieldtrial, nuo-1, ukl-1. Congrats to Nina!!
Niko is the 5th dog from our N-litter rewarded with 1st prize in fieldtrials!



3.12 Karvia huntingtest. Charleswood Asterix 1st prize and the best dog in the test!
MÄAJ-1, 1a pris drevprov(hare) och provets bästa hund!




26.11 Charleswood Bonnie, 1st prize huntingtest and best dog in trial!
1a pris drevprov (rådjur, räv), MÄAJ-1 79,83p
Stort grattis till Riitta&Arto!!



12.10 Charleswood Nellie got a 1st prize in fieldtrial, nuo-1, ukl-1!
Congrats to Sisko ja Nellie!!

30.10 Seinäjoki International Dogshow:
Charleswood Mathilda BOB, CACIB, BOG-1!!
Charleswood Naik BOS, CAC, CACIB!!
Judge, Per H Nymark, Norway.



We proudly present:
Åslifjellet´s BHH Balder
His title is now FI Showchampion&SE Workingchampion!!




Balder´s offspring keeps on doing great results in the fieldtrials:
23/10 Charleswood Naik 1st prize,1-ukl,nuo-1, Ilmajoki

25/10 Charleswood Nando 1st prize, 1-ukl, nuo-1, Långtora Sweden

Congrats to owners, Lotta Rönnberg(Naik) & Sofia Eriksson (Nando)!!



Charleswood Niko, 2nd prize, ukl-2, nuo-2
Congrats to Niina Pylkönen!

Takalan Aino, 2nd prize winnerclass, ekl-2, voi-2, Stensta, Sweden

22/10 Charleswood Liza 1st prize, ökl-1, avo-1 Gotland, Sweden
23/10 Charleswood Liza 1st prize, ökl-1, avo-1 Gotland, Sweden
Grattis Lasse Karlsson!!

22-23/10 Charleswood Joacim 2x2nd prize, 2xökl-2, 2xavo-2 Långtora, Sweden
Grattis Göran Sandberg!!

25/10 Charleswood Karu, 2nd prize, ökl-2, avo-2, Långtora, Sweden
Grattis Helena Thulin!!

Charleswood Miranda ökl-3, avo-3, 3rd prize
Congrats to Ilkka Lindström!



24, 25 sept JUNKKARI 2011

348 starting young continental birddogs, 121 shorthaires! Fieldtrial and show.

Team from the left Charleswood Norma&Juha Nurmi 2nd prize in trial NUO-2 and excellent in show,
Charleswood Nova&Jouni 1st prize NUO-1 in trial and excellent-3 in show,
Charleswood Nellie&Sisko Aho 2nd prize NUO-2 in trial and excellent-1 in show ended up as Best Shorthair, BIS-3!!!
Charleswood Naik&Lotta Rönnberg, Best Shorthairmale (show)!!

Our male FI MVA Åslifjellet´s BHH Balder had 16 starded offspring from 3 different combinations and 14 got rewarded in the fieldtrial!!!
Congratulations to all!! We are so proud!





New Champion!
Charleswood Mathilda



Karvia huntingtest


 Karvia huntingtest 3.12.2011.

Charleswood Asterix 1st prize and the best dog in the test!

MÄAJ-1, 1a pris drevprov(hare) och provets bästa hund!

Charleswood Niko

Charleswood Niko, 1st prize fieldtrial, nuo-1, ukl-1.

Congrats to Nina!!

Niko is the 5th dog from our N-litter rewarded with 1st prize in fieldtrials!

Some nice showresults from this spring:

Charleswood Marco, BOS, CAC/VSP Sert.
Onnea Jussi ja Kirsi!

Charleswood Merry, BOS in Gsp-specialty Stockholmshow.
Grattis Anette!

Charleswood Karu in Sweden, CAC, sert (his second).
Grattis Helena!

Charleswood Kornelia, two shows in Norway, 2xCAC sert. BOB, BOG (Best in group).
Grattis till Dagfinn&Aud!

Charleswood Lady Godiva, just recieved her 3rd CAC, sert!!
Onnea Rikka&Mikko!

Charleswood Asta (Dachshund), CAC, sert, CACIB, BOS Vaasa International show.
Onnea Merja ja Kari!

Charleswood Joker CAC sert, BOB and are now a Finnish Showchampion! FI MVA!
Onnea Nina!


Champion of Latvia

Charleswood Belle is now Champion of Latvia!
Congrats to Kerttu&Lauri!



30.7 Group Show, 5,6,7,8 Kurikka/Jurva.
Judge Paavo Mattila Breed, Bis, Hannele Jokisilta, Group.
Charleswood Nova BOB,CAC, BOG, Best In Show!!




11.06 GSP-National Specialty Show 2011
Finland-Mannermaisten Kanakoirien Erikoisnäyttely Lapua
Judge Zsuzsanna Váczi-Balogh, Hungary

Kennel Charleswood Best Breedersgroup, BIS-2!!



Charleswood Mathilda Excellent-1, BOS, VSP Best female out of 37!!



Charleswood Nova
Excellent-1 juniorbitch (out of 18!), CAC!



Charleswood Napoleon
Excellent-2 juniormale




11.06 Alta Norway, Group-7 Specialtyshow
Charleswood Kornelia BOB, CAC, BIS-2!!
Grattis Dagfinn&Aud!




Silverbreedingaward-Silverbruksavelspris-Käyttöjalostuspalkinto Hopeinen
SE MVA SE UCH JV-04 Charleswood Hurricane got silveraward for producing good working offspring!
Thank you owners of a Hurricanepuppy for doing a good job with your dogs!!




27.05 Österbybruk Allbreedshow, Sweden,
Charleswood Naik Excellent-1 junior, CK, Best male, BOS!
Charleswood Merry Excellent CAC!

28.05 Stockholm International Dogshow,
Charleswood Naik Excellent-1 junior, CK, Best male, BOS!
Charleswood Merry Excellent CAC!
Stort grattis till Lotta&Anette Rönnberg!!




Congratulations to Antti and Charleswood Ikaros who´s got the title
Best continental huntingdog of Österbotten-Paras Mannermainen Kanakoira 2010




23/4 Lahti International Dogshow
Charleswood Marco CAC, CACIB, BOS! Congrats to Jussi, Kirsi and “Aato”!! This was Marco´s 3rd CAC in 3 shows and we look forward to see him in fieldtrials next automn!!