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Some nice showresults from this spring:

Charleswood Marco, BOS, CAC/VSP Sert.
Onnea Jussi ja Kirsi!

Charleswood Merry, BOS in Gsp-specialty Stockholmshow.
Grattis Anette!

Charleswood Karu in Sweden, CAC, sert (his second).
Grattis Helena!

Charleswood Kornelia, two shows in Norway, 2xCAC sert. BOB, BOG (Best in group).
Grattis till Dagfinn&Aud!

Charleswood Lady Godiva, just recieved her 3rd CAC, sert!!
Onnea Rikka&Mikko!

Charleswood Asta (Dachshund), CAC, sert, CACIB, BOS Vaasa International show.
Onnea Merja ja Kari!

Charleswood Joker CAC sert, BOB and are now a Finnish Showchampion! FI MVA!
Onnea Nina!


20.06. GSP-National Specialtyshow, Lapua

20.06. GSP-National Specialtyshow, Lapua
judge Raija Tammelin
Best Bitch, CAC,BOS, Charleswood Lady Godiva
Congratulations to Riikka&Mikko!!

12.06. Tuuri

12.06. Tuuri all breedshow, judge Eeva Antinen

Åslifjellet´s BHH Balder BOB, CAC, BOG, Best In Show-3!!!
He is now FI Champion, FI MVA

06.06. Norrköping International

06.06. Norrköping International Charleswood Karu BOB, CAC, CACIB (BIR, cert)
Grattis Helena!!

We have puppies!!

10.05. Jesssica got eleven puppies!! 7+4.