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About us

History of Charleswood

Charleswood kennel has kept german shorthaires since 1990.

First GSP litter came 1994, mother of the puppies was Swedish showchampion Samantha’s Krakel Spektakel. She was our foundationbitch, and still most Charleswooddogs are related to her.

Goal and passion

Our passion is hunting and breeding, and our ambition is to breed topclass shorthairs, dual purpose dogs, true hunters but still got the looks.

For us a GSP is mainly a pointing dog and fieldhunting is what we do most of all. We also go to Sweden every year for grouse hunting in the highlands. Hunting in the forest is alot of fun too and of course they can join for almost any hunt; duckhunting, pigeonhunting and predatorhunting. Our dogs are rewarded in both trials/huntingtests and shows. To become a Showchampion i Scandinavia the dog must also be rewarded in trials. 


We search worldwide for interesting dogs that can be useful in our breedingprogram. Today’s Charleswoods are a mix of Scandinavian/German/Serbian and also Tjeckian dogs.

Kennel Charleswood has been in Sweden until 2004. Now we live in Finland, about 70km from Vaasa. Our home is situated in the middle of our huntingground and here are wild partridges and pheasants. In the forest we can find blackgrouses, capercaillies and grouses.

Exporting dogs

Charleswood kennel has exported dogs to Germany, Åland, Island, Norway and USA.

Training and Support

Puppybuyers are welcome to us for training and support.

We are grateful to those who really help us forward by showing their dogs in both huntingtests and shows. Most important though, is that you as a puppybuyer get yourself a good huntingdog and family companion for many years.

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Maria Appelberg and Jouni Soidinaho